FreeStyle Libre 2 System

Meet the highest
accuracy standard*

The #1 CGM in the US*

Freestyle Libre 2 System

Proven Accuracy Without Fingerstick
Calibration or Sensor Coding

Overall Accuracy Over
14 day Wear Period

FreeStyle Libre 2
System (n=144)

Overall MARD

(The lower the MARD, the more accurate the results)


% within ±20/20%§


Outstanding Accuracy in the Low Glucose Range

Low Glucose Range

(within ±20 mg/dL)

FreeStyle Libre 2
System (n=144)

<70 mg/dL

(Calculated using the readings below)


54-69 mg/dL


<54 mg/dL


Clinically Proven Accuracy1

100% of glucose results fall within Zones A and B of Consensus Error Grid2

Sensor readings show minimal variance in performance

Consensus Error Grid Analysis evaluating CGM accuracy with regard to clinical decisions. CGM errors are translated into the potential clinical consequences of the errors. Data are plotted vs YSI reference in the scatterplot, and the error grid is divided into zones, with Zone A representing the greatest accuracy:

Freestyle Libre 2 System

Zone A: No effect on clinical action (considered clinically accurate)

Zone B: Altered clinical action, but no or little effect on clinical outcome

Zone C: Altered clinical action—likely to affect clinical outcome

Zone D: Altered clinical action—could have significant medical risk

Zone E: Altered clinical action—could have dangerous consequences

YSI Reference (mg/dL).
N=17,477 patients.
93.3% of glucose results within Zone A.

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*Defined by FDA iCGM Special Controls.

MARD (mean absolute relative difference) is compared to reference YSI (Yellow Springs Instrument) values.

Calculated based on the percentage of system readings within ±20 mg/dL of YSI blood glucose values <70 mg/dL and within ±20% of YSI blood glucose values ≥70 mg/dL.

Reference: 1. FreeStyle Libre 2 system User’s Manual. 2. Data on file. Abbott Diabetes Care.

ADC-21508 v1.0 06/20